And the season continues

As the chilly nights of January seem to have passed, we are welcoming the warmer days of February. High of +7 for Saturday this week – WOW!!

With the first fur sales here and gone, it looks like prices have increased over last years prices. That is a good thing! Not a high as several years ago, but at least it is a start.

We have one of our trapping members who, while away at university, has still managed to keep in the trapping world. After attending the annual Sudbury trappers meeting, for a class assignment, wrote about the under-reporting of positive trapping news. Subsequent to that, she was interviewed by the and was very positive about trapping. You can find the article here:

In other news, the Greenstone Trappers District Council will be at the Geraldton Chamber of Commerce Trade Show April 28-29, 2017. Come out and say hi! We will have a variety of fur to investigate.  Stop in and say Hi!