January – and trapping

We hope you have had a great trapping season so far. Looks like marten numbers are up from previous years. Lets hope for a better market this year.

The first fur pick ups have come and gone if you are sending to auction. I’m sure NAFA couldn’t have picked a colder day to come. The January pick up of Fur Harvesters was much more balmy.

The 2017 Ontario Fur Managers Federation Rendezvous is being held in Carp Ontario, August 25 and 26th. Carp is outside of Ottawa to the west. With all the activities being planned in Ottawa for Canada’s 150th, it is a great idea to attend. If you are thinking of going, please look at booking accommodation as we hear things are filling quickly.

We, Greenstone District Trappers Council will be there with our booth, so if you are going, please stop by and say hi. It is a good opportunity to meet other trappers, learn new things and socialize with those that have the same interests as you.

Check out our supporters page – these businesses have provided support to the Trappers councilĀ enabling us to continue educating the public and providing the Fur Harvest, Fur Management and Conservation Course. Please supportĀ them as they are supporting us.